Modeling & Design with ServiceMatrix
in Particular
Visual Studio integrated SOA - done right
Jump-start system design and development
Generate a distributed application in a matter of minutes with ServiceMatrix, dramatically reducing the learning curve, proof of concept effort and time-to-market while following Service Oriented Architecture and NServiceBus best practices.
ServiceMatrix Highlights
Design your distributed app and have it up and running within minutes
Visually design your system, and communicate your intent to colleagues, with a design that is both easy to understand and fully functional; at any point, just click "Start" in Visual Studio to debug the fully functional distributed system defined by your design. Getting Started with ServiceMatrix →
Multiple visualizations help you grasp complex interactions
At-a-glance ability to see which components make up which services, which contracts those services expose, where messages are sent, which events are sent as a result, which services are subscribed to those events and more.
Extensible and customizable code
It's your solution, your business logic, your code and your preferences. ServiceMatrix gets you there much faster, without tying you down.
Fully integrated with the Particular Service Platform to provide runtime analysis and monitoring tools, out of the box.
Build-in integration with ServiceInsight for advanced visualizations and debugging of runtime behavior and near-real-time comparison to design time code changes. In addition, all endpoints created with ServiceMatrix are ready for production monitoring, auditing and error handling with ServicePulse.