Modeling & Design with ServiceMatrix
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Visual Studio integrated SOA - done right
Jump-start system design and prototype development
Validate your distributed application design and generate a prototype in a matter of minutes with ServiceMatrix. Dramatically reduce the learning curve and proof of concept effort while following Service Oriented Architecture and NServiceBus best practices. If you're an Architect or a Systems Design Engineer, this tool is for you.
ServiceMatrix Highlights
Validate your design
Have you ever spent hours on your design in Visio or even on just plain paper, only to find out that your design needed more changes during development? With ServiceMatrix, you can visually design your system and press F5 to debug and validate your design prototype. Then share both the visualization and the prototype with your development team to communicate your design.
Getting Started with ServiceMatrix
Integrates with Visual Studio
Design your system from within the comfort of Visual Studio. ServiceMatrix is available as a Visual Studio Extension for VS 2012 and VS2013. Start with your message flow design and fill in the gaps with your code to complete your protype as you go.
ServiceMatrix is not supported in VS2015. We are currently looking at various options of how we can incorporate the original vision of ServiceMatrix more deeply into the rest of the platform.
Integrates with ServiceInsight
Integration with ServiceInsight allows you to visualize and debug the runtime behavior, giving you a near-real-time comparison of how your design compares to the actual code changes. Every debug session in ServiceMatrix brings up ServiceInsight to only show the relevant messages for the current debug session, reducing clutter and to help focus on the current run of your changes.
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