#NSBCon 2015

December 1-4, 2015  Dallas, Texas

The "All About NServiceBus" conference is back and so big only Texas could host it

Keynote speakers

See leading experts share war stories and teach what they know about distributed systems development

  • Ted Neward
  • Udi Dahan


  • Workshops - Dec. 1
  • Conference - Dec. 2 & 3
  • Unconference - Dec. 4


NServiceBus Crash Course

Examine through hands-on coding how NServiceBus builds in reliability. We'll tour the major messaging patterns - one-way sending, request/reply, pub/sub, Sagas and more. We'll also see what NServiceBus adds on top of messaging frameworks like Azure Queues and MSMQ. Finally, Jimmy will share his experiences bringing unreliable systems under control with durable messaging.


Jimmy Bogart





Saga Master Class

Bring your laptop for a hands-on workshop that explores how Sagas fit into a microservices architecture.
Learn about Saga design, concurrency and storage infrastructure considerations, using Sagas as your domain model, auto-correlation, rescheduling timeouts and the future of NServiceBus Sagas.


Andreas Ohlund

Director of Engineering

Particular Software


Platform-Oriented Development

When architecting an enterprise system, it can be really easy to fall into some of the ‘fad’ technology traps; it happened to all of us with CORBA, DCOM, and Web Services/WS-*, for example. Other examples abound, and it’s entirely possible that the current Web API trend is going to fall into the same trap. But let’s reset--what do we really want to build, and what do we really want to avoid? In this session, we’ll talk about ‘platform-oriented development’, what it is, why we want to do it, and how to go about building it.


Ted Neward




Decomposing the domain with NServiceBus

When building software, we very often receive requirements from a synchronous process point of view which can cloud our best judgement when making design decisions. I recently faced this challenge at Almac Clinical Technologies during the re-build of their Randomization and Trial Supply Management platform. We'll walk through the process of decomposing high-level requirements for their Automated Drug Ordering process into a loosely-coupled asynchronous process based on SOA principles, messaging patterns, and NServiceBus.


Gary Stonerock II

Systems Architect

Almac Group


Back to the Future: Full-stack Message-Oriented Programming with Akka.NET Actors

As users of NServiceBus, we’re already familiar with using message-oriented systems to decouple our systems and create reliable collaboration between our services. But what could be possible if you made this message-oriented behavior the basis of your entire application? In this talk, we’ll introduce Akka.NET and the actor model and show you how to use it to create massively scalable, stateful applications using many of the same messaging patterns you’re already familiar with from NServiceBus. We’ll talk about how to use the Akka.NET distributed actor framework to create more responsive, scalable, and intuitive applications by bringing message-oriented behavior to your entire stack via actors and many of the messaging patterns you already use.


Andrew Skotzko




Proactive Alerting with NServiceBus

Proactive alerts empower businesses to address system issues before customers notice anything is wrong. This case study will explore CTS’ approach to leveraging ServiceControl data for health alerts, sagas for business alerts, and the adapter pattern for integrating with legacy systems for a financial services enterprise client in the US.


Danny Fafach

Senior Consultant



Top mistakes using NServiceBus

NServiceBus provides a fantastic infrastructure for building distributed systems. However, one has to be careful of using any tool as a "Golden Hammer". In this talk, we'll explore common use cases that are *not* a good fit for NServiceBus.


Kijana Woodard




NServiceBus Integration Patterns: Using NServiceBus to bridge to existing/legacy systems

Building apps used to be simple when we just needed to push data into a database. However, more and more we see our applications needing to communicate with other external applications via REST, SOAP, or for the less fortunate, flat files. We can assume these external services are always 100% up but, inevitably, someone trips over the cord and communication fails. Often, these kinds of failures are the hardest to recover from, causing developers and the business alike significant heartburn. In this session we'll examine the common causes for failures integrating with other systems. We'll see how NServiceBus kicks the problems of flaky integration to the curb once and for all.


Jimmy Bogard




Behind the scenes at Particular Software

Even though I have a long history with NServiceBus, I am fairly new to Particular Software and had plenty of surprises in store for me when I found out how the sausage is really made. Come behind the scenes with me and get a quick look into how we work, why we work, and how we build the Particular Service Platform.


David Boike

Solutions Architect

Particular Software


Death to the Distributor

Broker-style transports like SQL Server, RabbitMQ, and Azure Service Bus support scale-out natively using the competing consumer pattern. With for MSMQ however, we're stuck with the Distributor, which comes with its share of challenges. The good news is - we're killing it! Get a sneak peek at how we will soon be enabling unheard-of scalability on the MSMQ transport, and killing the Distributor forever.


Sean Feldman

Solutions Architect

Particular Software


NServiceBus v6 API update

A lot is changing in NServiceBus v6, especially with the changes required to support asynchronous message processing with async/await. Get a first look at changes coming in the v6 API so that you'll be well prepared to migrate your solutions to the latest version of NServiceBus.


Daniel Marbach

Solutions Architect

Particular Software


All about Transports

NServiceBus provides support for multiple underlying messaging transports, but how can you know which one to choose? And once you have, what effects will that have on your solution going forward? How will you handle transactions? How will you scale? We’ll compare and contrast all of the transports, provide evaluation criteria, and discuss all the technical points you need to be aware of as you move forward with implementation. Whether you need to select a transport for a project, guide clients in the selection process, or develop and support an NServiceBus project in the long-term, this session will be full of valuable information you won't want to miss.


Andreas Öhlund

Director of Engineering

Particular Software


Building the Real-Time Web with NServiceBus and SignalR

Building services with NServiceBus is quickly becoming a core competency for developers in the .NET space. But what about connecting these services to our web applications? Consuming events and data in real-time can be applied to solve a multitude of business requirements, and enables us to build web applications which can compose many backend services without the need for antiquated polling and unnecessary coupling. In this talk, we will explore real world projects utilizing SignalR and NServiceBus to build better, more powerful web applications.


Sam Martindale


Architecting Innovation


Lesson learned from building a multi tenant SAAS offering using NServiceBus

NServiceBus is critical to RavenHQ, a SaaS company providing cloud-hosted RavenDB databases to clients of all sizes on both the AWS and Azure cloud platforms. In this talk, we’ll examine the challenges associated with deploying an infrastructure to multiple cloud platforms and how NServiceBus helps to overcome those challenges.


Jonathan Matheus





(noun): a loosely structured conference emphasizing the informal exchange of information and ideas between participants.

The unconference format creates space for peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and creativity. Don't miss your opportunity to suggest and drill down on topics you want to know more about - whether it's an architectural topic presented during the conference, a platform feature or even advice on working on a distributed team - no topic is off limits.



Hilton Dallas/Plano Granite Park

NSBCon tickets include a 30% discount on accommodation at the Hilton. Book here and use promo code: NSB

Located 25 minutes from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and 20 minutes from Dallas Love Field (DAL), the hotel is close to restaurants, bars, shopping and sports facilities.

What developers are saying about #NSBCon

  • "Seeing so many NServiceBus developers together in one place is pretty special. The combination of real life experiences, comparing different approaches to similar problems, with conceptual talks about microservices and architecture was perfect."

    Roy Cornelissen, Lead Consultant – Xpirit
  • "I was really happy there weren't any sales presentations or high-level management speech at the conference."

    Doug Oosting, Lead Software Developer – Wizards of the Coast
  • "Some of the things I heard were quite exciting. I was glad to learn about what's coming in the next few years."

    Gary Stonerock II, Systems Architect – Almac Group
  • "I was excited to see ServicePulse and ServiceInsight in action because we had other team members evaluating those and now I'm compelled to go back and ask why we are not using them."

    Jacob Lewallen, Architect – SolutionStream
  • " I found a lot of benefit from the topics discussed and was provided with a lot of examples around how to better deploy Particular as a platform. "

    Adam Fyles, Solution Architect – Wegmans Food Markets
  • "NSBCon was great. The stuff I saw about the service platform was fantastic!"

    Dylan Beattie, Lead Developer – Spotlight





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