Mission and values

Our mission is simple, yet so hard to achieve ­ “We make developers better”. We do this by adhering to our core values, which are summed up by this sentence:

I M ake a difference through P ersonal excellence, A ssisting others, C ollaborating effectively T o achieve our mission.”

This is how each individual in the organization makes an IMPACT .

Our structure

In anticipation of growth, we’ve recently begun moving to a new and very different type of organizational structure. We feel this new structure will help us to avoid the creation of silos, to provide a more successful context for working across time zones, and will better support our mission and values.

Rather than traditional departmental groupings with a manager taking the lead, we are beginning to form around core disciplines ­ Business, People, Domain and Solution. We use task forces to put together temporary teams to address projects and innovative ideas. Anyone can be a team lead, providing leadership opportunities for everyone. For career guidance, we have Mentors to coach and guide us toward achieving personal developmental objectives. Overall strategy, projects, tasks and issues are shared with everyone in the company in an open and transparent manner.

“ What I like about the company is the endless learning encouraged by everyone and in every single field of the company`s communicated philosophy ­ “Fail small, learn big”...the non­conventional approach to organizational structure and management is fresh, empowering.”

Sean - Canada - Solution Architect