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Open position: Technical generalist

Particular Software is looking for someone who:

  • Is experienced in any technical area, such as testing, technical writing, business analysis, customer-facing activities, coding, etc.
  • Enjoys and excels at working collaboratively with colleagues and clients.
  • Feels they align well with our values.
  • Is interested in broadening into other areas of interest in the business, as well as solidifying their technical skills.
  • Thrives in an environment that promotes continuous improvement in both processes and personal development.
  • Communicates fluently in English, both in writing and verbally.
  • Has strong coding skills as a foundation. Experience with .NET Core, C#, and messaging is a plus, but not required.

Why are coding skills listed last?

While it is important to have a strong foundation in software skills, our engineers typically do not spend the majority of their time coding. How their time is split depends on their areas of interest and where they can make the most impact. Here are some examples of those kinds of non-coding work:

  • Providing support to our customers.
  • Improving our technical documentation.
  • Helping evolve our staff policies and processes.
  • Prioritizing what work gets done in various strategic areas.
  • Writing blog posts (like this one) to teach architectural principles.
  • Helping customers build a proof-of-concept using our platform.
  • Performing assessments for adoption of new technology.
  • Advising customers on their system architecture.
  • Presenting at conferences and user groups.
  • A/B testing content on our website.
  • Improving our build infrastructure and processes.

In short, engineers at Particular Software are expected to do more than just write code. We like to challenge ourselves and look outside our individual comfort zones in Visual Studio. In our experience, that's where real potential (and success) gets unlocked.

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