You know why queuing matters

Great, you already know how a message queue can decouple your application and improve its scalability. Perhaps you have a mechanism for handling poison messages or automatically retrying failed messages. From a code perspective, you're all set.

But what about the rest of the team?

So let's talk about the rest of the team. Can a new programmer visualize how your system works and how messages flow through your application? How do your administrators monitor the health of your system? What do they do if they notice a message getting stuck in a queue, assuming they are able to locate failed messages at all?

Advanced debugging with SI ServiceInsight

Real maintainability

Besides providing a solid framework for managing your queues, the Particular Service Platform also contains tools for that most important stage of your application: maintenance. Through the use of special message headers, we can correlate messages and provide a full audit trail through a system.

Taking queuing to the next level

We also have tools to monitor and detect failed messages and that allow your DevOps team to diagnose and even replay them. We help your entire team take full advantage of your queue, from the initial coding right through to visualization and monitoring. So you can focus on solving your users' problems and let us worry about the infrastructure.

Production monitoring with SP ServicePulse

Take the first step with NServiceBus

Learn to build NServiceBus systems that can take advantage of the Particular Service Platform