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Build better microservices

On-prem and in the cloud

The platform you would have built yourself if you had the time


Extensible messaging and workflow for .NET and .NET Core

Supports a variety of messaging patterns and workflows on multiple transports like RabbitMQ, Azure, Amazon SQS, and MSMQ. Developers focus on core logic, fully abstracted from the underlying infrastructure. Runs on .NET or .NET Core on Windows, Linux, or in Docker containers.


Advanced system debugging

Get a complete under-the-hood view of your system's behavior, clearly displayed and visualized, immediately available and up-to-date. Whether in development, testing or production, the Platform provides all the system-critical information you need.​


Powerful production monitoring

Keep track of your system's endpoints health and performance, monitor for any processing errors, send failed messages for reprocessing and make sure your specific environment's needs are met, the Platform provides it all in one consolidated dashboard.

All your service needs in one integrated platform


Exception management you can trust

Whether it's a 3rd party web service that times out or a database that won't accept any more connections, monitoring triggers automated retries & back-offs to help your system recover automatically.


Change code with confidence

Fully integrated design visualizations get developers up to speed quickly, publish/subscribe patterns keep your code loosely-coupled, and custom testing libraries bring fully automated testing coverage within reach.


Always on, high performance

Built on the blazing speed of asynchronous processing, servers run in parallel for maximum throughput whether self-hosted or in the cloud: elastically grow your cluster to thousands of machines without missing a beat.

Try the Particular Service Platform

See what NServiceBus can do for your systems in our Quick Start tutorial.

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