On-site training

The fastest way to get a large team up to speed.

4 Days - Hands On

Giving developers enough theory to understand the principles of messaging and Service-Oriented Architecture, your team will be learning by doing.

Starting with "hello world" and moving through request/response and publish/subscribe, developers will gradually build up an ever larger solution ultimately integrating long-running workflows.

Wrapping up "close to the metal", our expert trainers will describe how to go about installing, monitoring, and scaling your NServiceBus solutions.

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I would strongly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in how to develop IT systems which provide immediate and future fitness for purpose.
Neil Robbins, Applications Architect at Brit Insurance
The class was very well put together. It was a good mixture of lecture, coding, and question and answer.
Ray Houston, Director of Development at TOPAZ Technologie
Bottom line – an excellent course I'd recommend to any software architect or developer dealing with distributed systems.
Eran Sagi, Software Architect at HP
I’d start the week by playing the clip from the Matrix where Morpheus offers Neo the choice between the red and blue pills. Once you make the intellectual leap, you’ll never look at distributed systems the same way.
Bryan Wheeler, Director Platform Development at msnbc.com