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Support options

We have you covered

Whatever the issue may be, from wondering how to best use NServiceBus in development to troubleshooting problems in production, we have support options that provide you with the best available expertise, fast.

Free support

Get started with our extensive documentation or consult with fellow developers from around the world using the communities below.

Non-critical support

Non-critical issue support for any questions unrelated to production.

Response within 1 business day (Enterprise or Ultimate licenses and Gold or Platinum support plans) or up to 2 business days (Advanced license and trial evaluations).

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PAID critical support

Emergency support strictly for production environment incidents only.

Response in 1 hour (Platinum support) or 5 hours (Gold support or Ultimate license).

Request critical support

24x7 support plans

Particular Software experts are available worldwide to assist you 24x7, via email or telephone. See our support plans below for more information.

Gold Platinum
Number of critical incidents Unlimited Unlimited
Critical support response time 5 hours 1 hours
Non-critical support response time 1 business day 1 business day
Included Included
Phone support Included Included

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