Production Monitoring with ServicePulse
in Particular
Production monitoring for distributed systems
Real-time monitoring customized to fit distributed applications in general, and your application's specific needs in particular.
Keep track of the health of your system's endpoints, monitor for any processing errors, send failed messages for reprocessing and make sure your specific environment's needs are met, all in one consolidated dashboard.
ServicePulse Highlights
Multiple built-in and customizable indicators
Monitor endpoints' availability and health with Active Endpoints indicator. Be notified of any message processing errors with the Failed Messages indicator, and make sure all your specific endpoints' needs are met with Custom Checks.  Intro to Endpoints →
Retry failed messages
Send failed messages for reprocessing with a single click, one at a time or in bulk, and archive any unrecoverable failed messages so their data remains available for later audit and review.  Intro to Failed Messages →
Extensible and customizable
The full set of REST API used by ServicePulse is exposed and available for custom development and extensibility.
Fully integrated with the Particular Service Platform
Advanced context visualization and data drill-down capabilities through integration with ServiceInsight, and out-of-the-box ServicePulse support built into every endpoint. Get near real-time status updates (using SignalR) of any event and view it within the ServicePulse dashboard, any up-to-date browser or device.  More about Integration →
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