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Logical endpoint

A logical endpoint is one that uses NServiceBus to process messages - each endpoint has an input queue which contains messages for the endpoint to process. A logical endpoint can contain multiple handlers or sagas. Each logical endpoint is uniquely identified by a name and can be deployed multiple times (and with multiple queues) for purposes of availability, scalability, or tenant/client separation.


A message is the unit of communication for NServiceBus. For licensing purposes only messages defined by users counts towards usage.

Send-only endpoint

A logical endpoint that is configured to only send messages. This endpoint type requires a valid license but is free on all tiers..

Maximum message throughput per day

The maximum number of messages processed by all NServiceBus endpoints across the entire organization in a day.

This only includes messages that are successfully processed. Automatic retry attempts and internal platform messages are not counted.

Production environment

A production environment is one in which the software is live and end users are using the system to meet business needs. The production environment is no longer used for development or testing purposes.

Support response time

The response time in business days in which Particular Software will respond to support cases. A business day is defined as a day of the week between Monday and Friday.