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About us

Trusted experts in enterprise development

Developers today are tasked with building larger systems than ever before. It's not just about scalability - the world we're modeling is much more intricate.

Unfortunately, the traditional approaches don't hold up anymore and the behemoth enterprise programming stacks are just too complex.

Let us show you another way

After decades of working with these convoluted layers of abstraction and obstruction, our team has found the "middle road".

We've restructured the rock-solid underlying technologies from these behemoths into a platform just as stable but much simpler and easier to use.

Our customers

Including the world largest banks, retailers, auto manufacturers, insurance companies, energy and media powerhouses - across every industry, from the smallest startups to the Global 2000, thousands rely on our platform.


The open-source NServiceBus project was founded in 2006 by Udi Dahan. The project grew out of a codebase Udi used with his clients since 2003 to build distributed systems for the aerospace industry where you could say it was "battle hardened" from day one.

NServiceBus Ltd. was founded in 2010 to provide services and support to the thousands of companies using NServiceBus as the backbone of their distributed systems.

In 2013, the company started operating under the Particular Software brand as a part of expanding its product offering into a much broader platform.