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More information about pricing

If you have any other questions, just let us know and we'll be happy to hop on a call.

Nothing. You don’t pay anything for any environment outside of production.
We understand that it is very hard to know what a system will look like when it is finished. This makes it very difficult to know how many endpoints you will need up front. We have lots of experience in many types of systems and can help you to estimate the size of yours. If you’d like help on how to estimate how many endpoints you will need, contact our experts for assistance.
As your system grows and scales, your throughput and number of endpoints will change too. We understand this, and therefore you are welcome to reach out to us and adjust your license at any time during your billing period.
No. Your production environment will never stop processing messages even if you exceed your license limits.
The number of projects and teams within your organization don’t matter. The total number of logical endpoints and the total number of messages processed across all systems in the entire organization is what is counted.
Development is FREE, so it doesn’t matter if the development team is internal or external to you. You can have your teams start developing and when you’re ready to move to production, contact us to arrange your commercial license.
Yes, you can. You only pay for the number of logical endpoints used, regardless of where they are deployed. As an ISV, however, you only have the Ultimate tier available.
Community support includes online communities such as our forum or StackOverflow. Community support is mostly provided by community members, although our engineers may occasionally also help out on questions.
No. You only pay for each logical endpoint. If you have 5 logical endpoints deployed across 4 separate environments (E.g.: Dev, QA, Prod, Test) you only pay for the 5 logical endpoints. Each environment is counted as a separate physical instance of an endpoint and not a separate logical endpoint.
If each tenant in your multi-tenant application is isolated, then each isolated instance does not add towards the logical endpoint count. If the same code is deployed to each environment it is considered to be the same logical endpoints in each environment. If the code is changed for each tenant though, then each tenant is a distinct logical endpoint and will have to be licensed as such.
Hosting endpoints in containers is no different from any other hosting option. A logical endpoint scaled out over multiple container instances is still just a single logical endpoint.
The Messaging Bridge needs a valid license but does not affect licensing costs, as the bridge is only infrastructure that connects logical endpoints together.
Transactional Session is free to use, even though it currently requires a full endpoint. Please reach out to if usage of the Transactional Session requires you to convert a send-only endpoint to a full endpoint to ensure you are not charged extra.
Send-only endpoints do need a valid license, but do not count towards licensing costs.