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With over 250,000 downloads and thousands of production deployments, companies of all sizes and across all verticals count on NServiceBus.

Here are a few select case studies and testimonials that describe how customers in various industries have been using NServiceBus as the foundation for their business-critical processes.

Case studies



If P&C Insurance
Hyland Software
Johnson Controls
Risco Group
Candidate Manager
Lake Quincy Media
Sparebanken Vest
Qualified Address
eBay Sweeden
ZAO Kaspersky

Tradera - ebay Sweeden

eBay is the world’s largest online marketplace with more than 100 million active users globally. In March 2011, eBay’s shopping site in Sweden,, first started using NServiceBus. By the end of 2012, we had NServiceBus supporting millions of users making hundreds of thousands of bids and purchases every day.

After developers had made the mental leap to concepts like eventual consistency, we started feeling the most significant benefits of NServiceBus: the ability to extend functionality around existing systems without having to change their internal behavior as well as being able to break apart previously monolithic applications. It was also very easy for our developers to get up to speed with NServiceBus.

We found that NServiceBus absolutely lives up to its reputation of reliability in production and the few minor issues we ran into were dealt with quickly and professionally by the NServiceBus support staff.

All in all, it’s been quite a pleasure working with NServiceBus.

Carl Lindelöf,  Ebay Sweden

Conduit uses NServiceBus for messaging between the systems that serve their over 200 million users and running millions of installation processes every day

NServicebus framework was embedded in several subsystems. The framework proved itself as a reliable and robust infrastructure for our runtime load-intensive production distributed environment. NServicebus is straightforward to use, easy to configure and adapt for specific needs and contains great features (Saga, Distributer and more) that are very useful and powerful.

Misha Haron, Conduit

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls is a global diversified technology and industrial leader serving customers in more than 150 countries. Johnson Controls is #67 on the Fortune 500.

NServiceBus is a part of the site-to-cloud connectivity which provides secure, reliable and fast transfer of large buildings data volumes to the Johnson Controls Panoptix applications. A commercial building can generate millions of data points a day that need to be quickly processed, analyzed and transformed into actionable insight for building technicians, energy managers and owners.

A very small group of developers was sufficient to incorporate NServiceBus and extend it for our scenario.

It’s been running seamlessly and uneventfully in production, showing stability and maturity.

Complemented by simplicity of adoption and development, these attributes made NServiceBus a great choice for our system.

Radu Dorneanu, Johnson Controls

If P&C Insurance

If P&C Insurance is the leading property and casualty insurance company in the Nordic countries with 3.6 million customers and 6400 employees. NServiceBus was chosen as the ESB for one of our core insurance systems and is currently processing around 100,000 insurance policies a month. We expect that number to double within a year.

The support NServiceBus provides around asynchronous messaging and publish/subscribe communication makes the implementation of Service Oriented Architectures very straightforward. While the performance and scalability of the platform is able to handle the massive loads we’re under, we’re just as pleased with how quickly developers are able to get started with NServiceBus – even those coming into the project later on benefit from the maintainability of NServiceBus-centric code.

We already have over 30 developers using it. Looking forward, we will be using NServiceBus on more systems at ever larger scales.

Andre Angeltun, If P&C Insurance


Rackspace is migrating away from a large, monolithic code-base to an NServiceBus-based solution in their Email & Apps division. "The main benefit NServiceBus has brought us so far is developer scalability due to lower coupling and higher consistency in our code.

Korey Mercier, RackSpace


Frequentis is a leading provider of command and control centre solutions for organizations responsible for public safety.

Frequentis turned to NServiceBus as the foundation of a nation-wide deployment of police and fire brigade control rooms of a major European country.

Delivering over 7.5 million messages per day across more than 400 endpoints spanning 15 country-wide sites, the fully transactional model of NServiceBus (deployed with MSMQ and SQL Server) guaranteed zero message loss for the most critical system services like emergency messaging over analog and digital radio.

In addition to its reliability, Frequentis chose NServiceBus for its ease of deployment, its ability to scale to additional sites, as well as its flexibility in introducing new services.

Karl Wannenmacher, Frequentis

Hyland Software

Hyland Software is the developer of OnBase, an enterprise content management (ECM) software suite. For more than five years, we have used NServiceBus to automate a variety of processes within our ECM Cloud, OnBase OnLine.

During this timeframe, Hyland’s ECM Cloud has rapidly grown to support hundreds of thousands of unique users representing the needs of several hundred corporations spanning five global datacenters.

NServiceBus has easily scaled to support this rapid growth while maintaining the high levels of availability and fault tolerance our customers demand. This workload involves the ongoing analysis and protection of billions of individual documents. In short, NServiceBus has improved the quality of the distributed applications that our relatively small OnBase OnLine staff is able to independently develop, operate, and support.

Justin Alexander, Hyland Software

Risco Group

RISCO Group chose NServiceBus as the communication backbone for its service based security and access control platform pulling together millions of events in real time.

Eli Brin, Risco Group

Candidate Manager

Candidate Manager uses NServiceBus to provide Human Resources processes as a service to companies like Hilton International, Tesco, and Vodaphone.

Sean Farmar, Candidate Manager

Lake Quincy

Lake Quincy Media provides online advertising solutions reaching millions of Microsoft developers every day using NServiceBus for its robust messaging and simple programming model.

Steven Smith, Lake Quincy

Sparebanken Vest

Sparebanken Vest provides financial services to both the private and corporate sectors with over $10 billion in total assets uses NServiceBus as the foundation of its SMS banking for the private sector.

Harald Bjorøy, Sparebanken Vest

Qualified Address

Qualified Address is the leading provider of online address management and enhancement solutions serving companies like Google, Yahoo, and Comcast using NServiceBus for its flexible scale-out capabilities.

Jonathan Oliver, Qualified Address


BrainBank uses NServiceBus to enable its Fortune 500 clients to reliably process new content, workflow events, security changes, and batch jobs. NServiceBus makes it easy to scale workflow actions that create thousands of requests to hundreds of users, as well as preventing data inconsistencies and client timeouts.

Karell Ste-Marie, BrainBank


Enform provides oil field safety training to over 100,000 professionals each year and used NServiceBus to integrate through a portfolio of legacy applications that required additional paper-based processes, with publish/subscribe now providing real-time online enrollment and grading

Simon Timms, Enform


InExchange trusts NServiceBus to support the electronic invoicing processes they provide as a service to the Swedish market.

Johannes Gustafsson, InExchange


CompanyWebcast uses NServiceBus to provide lightweight and fast usage statistics for their production services: "the nice thing here is that this complete design is bases on notifications which makes it easy to implement this piece by piece without the need to modify existing code".

Kaspersky Lab

NServiceBus is the backbone of the messaging infrastructure of Kaspersky Protection Center – our innovative platform providing security-related services for millions of connected devices around the globe. Millions of events produced by devices and services are handled by the NServiceBus-powered codebase every day. We chose NServiceBus for its clear architecture and easy yet powerful programming model, which provides reliable solutions for our distributed systems.

Boris Tveritnev, Kaspersky Lab

LHP Telematics

We are a telematics company that monitors large scale, off-road vehicles such as cranes, earth movers, bulldozers, combines, and other construction and agricultural equipment. We place a telematics unit on the vehicle which is equipped with a cellular modem, GPS antenna, and typically some form of communication with the device (either discrete I/O or connection to the vehicle information bus).

As the vehicle is in operation certain events are triggered that cause a report to be sent from the telematics unit to our software platform via the cellular network where we process the report, store it in our database, and make the information available to our customers either via our own website or by re-transmitting the data to the our customer's backend.

We chose to implement the system using the NServiceBus framework. The NServiceBus framework has been a huge help in getting our endpoints created and processing incoming data in a reliable, scalable manner.

Adam Jones, VP Professional Services, LHP Telematics