NServiceBus Champs


The NServiceBus Champs program is our way of recognizing exceptional, independent community leaders who share their passion, technical expertise, and real-world knowledge of NServiceBus with others.

We deeply appreciate the vital role these individuals play in the adoption of technology and in helping our customers do great things with our products.

Meet our champs

Meet the NServiceBus Champs.

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Adam Fyles
Adam Fyles Solution Architect US Regional Retailer

Solution Architect experienced in enterprise development and integration. Interested in distributed systems design and implementation on multiple platforms.

Andrew Siemer
Andrew Siemer CEO inventive.io

Andrew Siemer is a former Army Ranger, former Chief Architect of dell.com, and the founder and CEO of inventive.io. Father of 6 kids, author of 5 books, speaker and community manager, and rancher of hundreds of pigs & chickens. Continuously improving lives with technology, a drop of crazy, and a whole lot of GET STUFF DONE!

Christer Østergaard
Christer Østergaard Software Development Contractor stratal ApS

Business minded software designer and developer with more than 13 years of experience. Talent for creative solutions, problem solving, making customers happy and helping them reach their business goals. Experience with large organizations in private and public sector. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Colin Pear
Colin Pear Principal Software Architect Clear Measure

Colin works for Clear Measure in Austin Texas with a focus on distributed systems and DevOps projects within the Microsoft and Azure platform stack. Colin is passionate about SOA, NServiceBus, Particular Software, self proclaimed evangelist for them all because he truly believes this is the best way to build such systems.

Jimmy Bogard
Jimmy Bogard Architect Headspring

Co-author of the MVC in Action books and creator of the OSS library AutoMapper

Joey Chömpff
Joey Chömpff Owner JSC Projects

Joey is a freelance professional who carries out his work from JSC Projects. He has almost 20 years experience in software development and wrote in 2007 for his first time on a distributed (message-driven) software system. He follows NServicebus from the early days and is still a big fan. He loves to educate and enthusiast co-workers about developing/designing loosely coupled systems. Not only backend even frontend should be loosely coupled, with techniques like “composite ui”, “viewmodel composition”, etc. He also likes to use EventStormings sessions with the business to find the business capabilities of the company.

Johannes Gustafsson
Johannes Gustafsson Lead Developer InExchange Factorum AB

Aplication developer and database administrator. Specialities in database programming and have a growing interest in building scalable message based systems.

Jon van Doore
Jon van Doore CTO Remitter

Interested in building people and teams that do great things.

Kijana Woodard
Kijana Woodard

Independent software contractor with 17 years of professional experience based in Dallas, TX

Laila Bougria
Laila Bougria Freelance Software Engineer

Passionate software engineer based in Belgium with over a decade of experience in developing business solutions. Loves to take challenges head-on and to contribute in complex projects from business idea to delivery.

Lars Corneliussen
Lars Corneliussen Copy/Paste Engineer

Lars Corneliussen is a co-owner of Faktum Software GmbH in Waltrop, Germany. While his developer roots are in Enterprise Content Management he now mostly works in mid-size software projects in roles varying from team lead and whiteboard operator to coding monkey. He programs .NET since the very beginning in 2001 and has been blogging and writing articles for arbitrary technical magazines for the last couple of years.

Marçal Serrate
Marçal Serrate Software Architect Pasiona

Marçal Serrate is Software Architect at Pasiona, a consulting company specialized in Microsoft technologies, where he has been working on national and international projects applying SOA, DDD and CQRS. He has also been carrying out the 4-day Enterprise Development with NServiceBus course in Spain.

Roland Guijt
Roland Guijt Software Architect, Engineer, Speaker and Trainer

Roland is a Microsoft MVP enjoying a constant curiosity around new techniques in software development. His focus is on all things .NET, browser technologies and development for the enterprise. As a long-time trainer, he leads many courses on these topics and speaks about them at international conferences. He is also a well-known Pluralsight author. The word that comes to mind when he thinks about software development is passion!

Roy Cornelissen
Roy Cornelissen Lead Consultant Xpirit

Software architect who has over 15 years of experience designing and building software. Roy works for Xpirit in The Netherlands. He has a passion for architecture, building distributed systems and mobile applications. Roy regularly speaks at various conferences, writes articles and loves to inspire and be inspired by his peers by sharing knowledge. You’ll find him on Twitter, feel free to contact!

Justin Alexander
Justin Alexander Strategic Research & Development Leader Hyland Software

Justin has more than 20 years of experience in software architecture, project management, datacenter operations, information security, and IT governance. He has enjoyed being an active member of the NServiceBus community since 2008. He currently works with a team of cloud platform developers at Hyland Software.