Videos and presentations

Learn about SOA principles, systems design and the capabilities our platform brings to your system lifecycle.

Webinar recordings

Decomposing .NET monoliths with NServiceBus and Docker by Elton Stoneman 86 mins.   -   October 2018
DIY Async Message Pump: Lessons from the trenches by Daniel Marbach 62 mins.   -   October 2018
Hosting and persistence with NServiceBus inside Service Fabric by Daniel Marbach 66 mins.   -   November 2017
Service Fabric: Now and in the future by Matt Snider 63 mins.   -   October 2017
Insight from ServiceInsight by Trygve Lorentzen 62 mins.   -   October 2017
What to consider when monitoring microservices by William Brander and Sean Farmar 32 mins.   -   June 2017
How to avoid microservice pitfalls by Jeffrey Palermo & Justin Self 60 mins.   -   October 2016

See how to avoid common microservices mistakes and how NServiceBus encourages better architecture. WATCH VIDEO

Connect frontend to backend using SignalR and Messaging by Mauro Servienti & Sean Feldman 55 mins.   -   April 2016

See how to connect an asynchronous backend to the front end WATCH VIDEO

TPL and message pumps by Daniel Marbach 46 mins.   -   March 2016

Daniel Marbach shows how to combine Async/Await and Task Parallel Library to create a message pump for a service bus. WATCH VIDEO

Async-Await best practices by Daniel Marbach 44 mins.   -   February 2016

Daniel Marbach shows how to avoid common pitfalls in asynchronous code bases. WATCH VIDEO

Async-Await NServiceBus v6 API update by Daniel Marbach 50 mins.   -   February 2016

See how the NServiceBus v6 API update helps to avoid common Async/Await pitfalls and makes code ready for async APIs in the cloud. WATCH VIDEO

Making workflow implementation easy with CQRS by Andrea Saltarello & Mauro Servienti 51 mins.   -   Mov 2015

Evolve systems architecture leveraging CQRS principles and NServiceBus Sagas WATCH VIDEO

Powering front end apps with NServiceBus by Elton Stoneman 48 mins.   -   October 2015

See how NServiceBus makes broadcasting ‘push’ notifications to many clients simple WATCH VIDEO

Powering front-end apps with messaging by Elton Stoneman 61 mins.   -   September 2015

Broadcast ‘push’ notifications to many clients using messaging WATCH VIDEO

Handling Failures with NServiceBus by Elton Stoneman 53 mins.   -   September 2015

See how NServiceBus simplifies infrastructure code needed to handle failures WATCH VIDEO

Handling failures with messaging by Elton Stoneman 58 mins.   -   August 2015

Handle failures synchronously and asynchronously with messaging WATCH VIDEO

Asynchronous Messaging with NServiceBus by Daniel Marbach and Mauro Servienti 39 mins.   -   May 2015

Learn the process of building scalable systems easily, and focus on business logic without forcing you to write a lot of infrastructure code. WATCH VIDEO

Scaling with Asynchronous Messaging by Elton Stoneman 60 mins.   -   April 2015

Elton Stoneman looks at scaling with messages and queuing technologies. WATCH VIDEO

Mastering NServiceBus configuration by Mauro Servienti 62 min.   -   October 2014

See how to master the NServiceBus configuration API and gain full control over endpoint runtime behavior. WATCH VIDEO

Cloud messaging with NServiceBus and Microsoft Azure by Mauro Servienti, Sean Feldman and Yves Goeleven 55 mins.   -   August 2014

Learn about SOA in the Cloud, its capabilities, advantages and pitfalls. WATCH VIDEO



Udi Dahan at Techorama 2016. by Seth Juarez & Udi Dahan 16 mins.   -   May 2016

Udi Dahan at Techorama 2016. WATCH VIDEO

WatchMeCode with Derick Bailey & Udi Dahan by Derick Bailey & Udi Dahan 48 mins.   -   May 2015

WatchMeCode with Derick Bailey & Udi Dahan WATCH VIDEO

Channel 9 Live interview with Udi Dahan and Daniel Marbach by Udi Dahan, Seth Juarez, Daniel Marbach 27 mins.   -   June 2017

Channel 9 Live interview with Udi Dahan and Daniel Marbach WATCH VIDEO



Multi-dimensional architecture by Udi Dahan 84 mins.   -   April 2016

Udi Dahan shows how to avoid the common flaw that has undermined the application of other architectural styles for decades WATCH VIDEO

Finding service boundaries – illustrated in healthcare By Udi Dahan 69 mins.   -   December 2014

Udi Dahan shows a case study from the healthcare domain resulting in services so autonomous they almost don't have to share any data with each other. WATCH VIDEO

Keynote: An integrated services approach by Udi Dahan 55 mins.   -   November 2014

Join Udi for a discussion of a unified approach that leverages the best of enterprise and system level philosophies. WATCH VIDEO

NServiceBus past, present, and future by Udi Dahan 63 mins.   -   June 2014

From NServiceBus' humble beginnings, to the present state of the Particular Service Platform, to a glimpse of future possibilitie WATCH VIDEO

NServiceBus at scale by Charlie Barker 45 mins.   -   June 2014

How Wonga scaled their platform, in light of rapid demand and growth in their products, by leveraging NServiceBus. WATCH VIDEO

NServiceBus on the Windows Azure Platform by Yves Goeleven 47 mins.   -   June 2014

See how the Windows Azure Platform and NServiceBus make a perfect fit. WATCH VIDEO

Managing Microservices by James Lewis 48 mins.   -   June 2014

Explore the real world difficulties encountered in testing, deploying and managing many small applications. WATCH VIDEO

Embracing NServiceBus - Best practices by Roy Cornelissen and Mark Taling 49 mins.   -   June 2014

See how NServiceBus and rigorous architectural measures helped turn a slow and unmanageable SaaS application into a better system. WATCH VIDEO

Distributed systems panel discussion by Udi Dahan, James Lewis, Yves Goeleven and Andreas Ohlund 62 mins.   -   June 2014

See questions put to the panel at the end of day one of NSBCon. WATCH VIDEO

From layered web services to an event-driven architecture at Rikstoto by Jan Ove Skogheim 24 mins.   -   June 2014

Learn how Rikstoto moved from a layered service platform with Web Services to a fully scaled out event driven platform. WATCH VIDEO

Media publishing workflows using NServiceBus by Dylan Beattie 24 mins.   -   June 2014

See how Spotlight used NServiceBus to decouple legacy systems from their hosting environments. WATCH VIDEO

NServiceBus - Lego style by Indu Alagarsamy and John Simons 47 mins.   -   June 2014

Explore the depths of the NServiceBus API. See how handlers get invoked and what is involved when trying to invoke a message handler. WATCH VIDEO

Under the hood of Particular Software by Andreas Ohlund 43 mins.   -   June 2014

Take a journey through custom tooling, testing the un-testable and massive cloud service bills in the name of reliability. WATCH VIDEO

Event Store and NServiceBus by Greg Young and Szymon Pobiega 49 mins.   -   June 2014

Learn more about Event Store and NServiceBus and how they can be brought together. WATCH VIDEO

NSBCon 2014 closing notes By Udi Dahan 41 mins.   -   June 2014

Wrap up of the first "All About NServiceBus" conference with a special announcement. WATCH VIDEO

Loosely-coupled orchestration with messaging By Udi Dahan 65 mins.   -   March 2014

How to more frequently utilize one of the most powerful architectural approaches to building distributed systems. WATCH VIDEO

Microservices with Service Fabric. Easy... or is it? By Daniel Marbach 67 mins.   -   July 2017

Microservices with Service Fabric. Easy... or is it? WATCH VIDEO