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Webinar recording

Scaling for Success: Lessons from handling peak loads on Azure with NServiceBus

Learn how to use Azure and NServiceBus to handle unexpected peak loads and avoid embarrassment.

🔗Why attend?

What happens when 200k users unexpectedly decide to use your platform simultaneously? We’re using autoscale on Azure PaaS so surely we can handle that, right? Wrong! Ask me how I found out… After going through a bit of trouble, I want to help you avoid the same mistakes I made.

🔗In this webinar you’ll learn about:

Handling peak loads on Azure with:

  • Azure App Services
  • Function apps
  • SQL databases
  • And other technologies

About Dibran Mulder

I’m a Solutions Architect with a focus on new technologies. I’m all into building high-performance cloud solutions using serverless and PaaS technology. I’ve become intrigued with the Intelligent Applications principle and the possibilities for our customers. Because of that I have a growing interest in Artificial Intelligence and the changing Application Life Cycle that comes with smarter client software. I like to explore new technologies, apply them in real business scenarios, and share my knowledge.