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Particular Service Platform benefits

Build better .NET service solutions using an integrated and comprehensive platform. Focus on developing your solution's unique features, while enjoying the out-of-the-box benefits of the Particular Service Platform

The Service Platform delivers a dependable messaging solutions infrastructure through multiple reliability layers and features

Reliable transports

A variety of reliable transports providing multiple options for transactional store-and-forward and broker pattern messaging: Azure Service Bus, Azure Queues, Amazon SQS, RabbitMQ, SQL Server, and MSMQ.

Selecting a transport

Exception handling

Built-in exception handling logic surrounds all calls to user code. When an exception occurs, NServiceBus rolls back the database transaction and also returns the message to the queue, also undoing any messages requested to be sent or published.

How to handle exceptions

Automated retries

Automated retry built-in, configurable and highly efficient. Immediate Retries (fast retries within the transaction) and Delayed Retries (cascading delays, for 10, 20 and 30 seconds) provide an out-of-the-box way to overcome intermittent connection and availability issues.

More about retries

Reliable storage

Reliable storage for failing and failed messages. Persistent storage with transactional support using Error and Retries queues, reliably stores any message that is undergoing retries or, after automated retry actions have been exhausted, stores the message in a persistent Error queue.

More about persistence

Failure Notifications

Message failure notification and alerting via Production Monitoring. Near real-time indication and alerting when messages fail processing, including full message details, failure stacktrace, message context interaction visualization and more.

More about failed messages

Reliable DevOps Tooling

After identifying and fixing root cause of processing failure, Ops and DevOps personnel can send a message to be re-processed with easy to use tools.

Intro to endpoints and heartbeats

Failure Detection

Endpoint failure detection and alerting via production monitoring. Endpoint heartbeat monitoring and alerting enables you to identify when an endpoint is not able to send message or communicate, raising indicator alerts and notifications.

Intro to failed message monitoring

Custom Checks

Define and check custom conditions that your solution depends upon, and monitor and alert when these conditions are not met using the integrated Custom Checks feature supported by NServiceBus endpoints and Particular Software production monitoring tools.

How to develop custom checks

After our developers made the mental leap to concepts like eventual consistency, we started feeling the most significant benefits of NServiceBus: the ability to extend functionality around existing systems without having to change their internal behavior as well as being able to break apart previously monolithic applications. We found that NServiceBus absolutely lives up to its reputation of reliability in production. All in all, it’s been quite a pleasure working with NServiceBus.

Carl Lindelöf - System Architect, Ebay Sweden

Building and maintaining better .NET service solutions is what the Service Platform is all about

Elegant API

Driven by best practices and industry leading patterns, the NServiceBus API leads developers, both new and experienced, to write highly maintainable solutions. No complex structures, mysterious schemas or puzzling code hacks - just POCO message contracts and intuitive .NET.

Get started with NServiceBus


Dependency between message senders and receivers is practically eliminated with Event Driven Architecture communication patterns where both publisher and subscriber are not dependent on each other, but are only aware of the event itself. Combined with asynchronous messaging this provides a loosely coupled and highly maintainable solution architecture.

How Pub/Sub works

Visualize runtime behavior

A detailed display of your solution behavior at runtime with ServiceInsight (including messages flow, endpoints interacting, performance and under-the-hood message data and metadata) dramatically reduces the complexity and improves understanding, managing and developing modern applications. Any change in behavior is clearly visible, visualized and detailed, on-demand and in near-real-time.

ServiceInsight overview

Vizualize long-running processes

Get powerful insights into the behavior of long running processes and workflow with the ServiceInsight Saga View, providing complete under-the-hood details on data and metadata changes and full interaction details.

Learn about visualizing sagas

Failure detection and debugging

Integrate the power of production monitoring with ServicePulse to receive near-real-time indication of any endpoint and message processing failures, and immediate drill-down into the failure details with ServiceInsight (including full context and exception stacktrace).

Get started with errors and retries

The support NServiceBus provides around asynchronous messaging and publish/subscribe communication makes the implementation of Service Oriented Architectures very straightforward. While the performance and scalability of the platform is able to handle the massive loads we’re under, we’re just as pleased with how quickly developers are able to get started with NServiceBus – even those coming into the project later on benefit from the maintainability of NServiceBus-centric code.

Andre Angeltun, If P&C Insurance

Scalability is baked into the Particular Software platform, enabling you to pick and choose the options that best fit your needs

Async messaging

NServiceBus asynchronous messaging enables non-blocking communication. This allows all processing to be done in parallel, resulting in maximum throughput that is easy to monitor, configure and scale.

See the NServiceBus overview

Serverless and containers

NServiceBus endpoints can be deployed in hosting environment of your choice that meet your scalability, performance, and availability needs.

See NServiceBus hosting options

Multi-transport deployments

NServiceBus Messaging Bridge enables connecting parts or your systems that use different messaging technologies - wheather during system modernization or when expanding to the Cloud.

Using Messaging Bridge

Detailed performance data

Visually detect performance bottlenecks with ServiceInsight. Detailed message performance data, detailing per-message processing time, delivery time and overall end-to-end critical time, is clearly displaying in a searchable and sortable way, allowing you to detect both patterns and performance outliers in your messaging solution.

ServiceInsight overview

OpenTelemetry Integration

Validate performance and scalability assumptions with OpenTelemetry integration. Use industry best-pactices to better understand how your system operates in production environment.

How to integrate with OpenTelemetry

Rackspace is migrating away from a large, monolithic code-base to an NServiceBus-based solution in its Email & Apps division. The main benefit NServiceBus has brought us so far is developer scalability due to lower coupling and higher consistency in our code.

Korey Mercier - Senior Engineering Manager and Systems Architect, Rackspace

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