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Discover upcoming events and professional courses near you.

We travel the globe to bring you a constant variety of SOA-related presentations and professional courses. Below you can see all upcoming dates, locations and speakers, learn more about the events and register to attend.

List of events
Event and presentation Speaker(s) Location Dates
End Procrastination Tomorrow! Doing things later can make your system better William Brander Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa May 23–25, 2023
NDC: CQRS pitfalls and patterns Udi Dahan Oslo, Norway May 24–26, 2023
NDC: Performance tricks I learned from contributing to open source .NET packages Daniel Marbach Oslo, Norway May 24–26, 2023
NDC: Message processing failed! But what's the root cause? Laila Bougria Oslo, Norway May 24–26, 2023
Webinar: Change your architecture during deployment Dennis van der Stelt Online Jun 7, 2023
KCDC: Dealing with eventual consistency Dennis van der Stelt Kansas City, USA Jun 22–23, 2023
Advanced Distributed Systems Design Udi Dahan London, UK Sep 18–22, 2023