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You choose the messaging technology,
we take care of the messages.

Leverage the Particular Service Platform with NServiceBus to build distributed systems with .NET on top of the messaging and runtime infrastructure you require, but with (significantly) less effort and without the associated headaches. All thanks to clean abstractions from NServiceBus and out-of-the-box monitoring and debugging tools.

The distributed systems platform that helps you with:


Publish-subscribe and logical message routing enable reaching true service decoupling. With out-of-the-box monitoring and debugging the platform gives the necessary visibility to run your system in production.

Evolving or migrating monolithic applications

Breaking a monolith on your own can be hard, and big-bang rewrites always break your system and introduce new problems. The Service Platform enables you to bring messaging into your code base in a non-intrusive way, one step at a time, so that the stakeholders can immediately see the benefits.

Event-driven architecture

Orchestrating distributed systems using events is hard because there are many moving parts working together asynchronously. Fortunately, NServiceBus already has common messaging and enterprise integration patterns implemented for you. Built-in event auditing enables you to figure out what happened in your system and validate if it works as expected.

Hybrid on-prem and cloud deployments

On-prem and cloud systems use different approaches and technologies. When in a hybrid scenario, you have to connect and manage both. With NServiceBus, you only need to use a single API that doesn’t change, regardless of your underlying technologies and deployment scenarios.

Workflow / process management

Designing complex long-running processes normally requires the hassle of juggling multiple tools, often forcing you to leave the comfort of coding. NServiceBus enables implementing complex business processes using only C# code, without the need to leave your IDE.


Designing distributed systems and solving development problems on your own is hard. Sure, you can always try to use the Internet for answers, but when the clock is ticking and when you’re juggling a bunch of other problems, it’s good to know that NServiceBus developers have your back.

Learn more about the service platform

Start by learning about what makes the Particular platform tick: NServiceBus. Check out exactly what it does and how it integrates with the rest of the platform to help solve these and other challenges.

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