Training courses

Advanced Distributed Systems Design

" The course profoundly changed our understanding and approach to SOA and distributed systems. "
— Brian Wheeler, MSNBC. April 2013

Five full days of training with Udi Dahan.


Pluralsight - Scaling Applications with Microservices and NServiceBus

Get an in-depth understanding on NServiceBus and how you can use it to build microservices architecture in this training course with Roland Guijt. From high-level concepts and architectural guidance to low-level, under-the-hood explanations and code samples, this training is ideal both for people that are new to NServiceBus and those that already have some experience. The code in this training uses NServiceBus Version 6.


Introduction to NServiceBus

Get started with NServiceBus by building something realistic from scratch: a back end for a retail e-commerce system. You'll learn how to send asynchronous messages between processes, how to use the Publish/Subscribe pattern to decouple business processes, and the advantages of using reliable messaging to enable automatic retries after processing failures.