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Getting the first PR into .NET and other tales from an OSS contributor

The world of open source software has never been more exciting than it is right now. Communities spanning all platforms are thriving and more inclusive than ever. Even Microsoft have transformed their strategy, becoming the “number one” GitHub organisation. Why the big change? What’s wrong with the “old” way of doing things?

In November 2014, I became the first community member to have a pull request accepted for .NET Core. With my 15 minutes of fame now over, I’d like to reflect on the journey that took me there. How did ‘that Czechoslovakian guy’ go from a curious OSS onlooker to a passionate OSS advocate?

We’ll discover what OSS is, why it works and how easy it is to get involved. OSS is not only about coding and there are plenty of other ways to contribute. Even if you’re not a coder, this talk is still for you.

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