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Live webinar

Are you using Object-Oriented Programming?

Really? Are you sure? Is that your final answer?

🔗Why attend?

What are the true origins of object-oriented programming? What are the vital aspects of this paradigm? Are modern languages really object-oriented? Why does it matter? What do object orientation and Domain-Driven Design have in common?

🔗In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • What are the truly important aspects of object orientation?
  • Why does object orientation matter when building complex software?
  • How object orientation become critical when mixed with domain-driven design?

About Vaughn Vernon

Vaughn Vernon is a software ecologist, architect, modeler, and optimizer of teams and individuals. Vaughn works with CTOs and other executive technologists, teams, and individual engineers, as a leading expert in Domain-Driven Design, Event-Driven, and Reactive Architecture, championing simplicity in the face of complexity. He helps teams and organizations optimize to realize business-driven and reactive systems as they transform from sprawling legacy systems. Vaughn is the author of four best-selling books, and is the curator and editor of his Addison-Wesley Vaughn Vernon Signature Series.