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Live webinar

Live coding your first NServiceBus system

Watch me build an NServiceBus messaging system during this live coding session, mistakes and all.

🔗Why attend?

Want to learn NServiceBus, but don’t have time to read?

Or maybe you just want to grab some popcorn and see a live-coding session go completely off the rails. There’s a good chance that could happen.

In this session, David Boike will live-code an NServiceBus system from a completely blank solution, mistakes and all. He’ll show you how to build messaging endpoints, send commands between them, publish events, and build a simple saga to model a long-running business process, all while teaching the fundamental messaging concepts you need to understand to build an effective distributed system using messaging.

🔗Attend the live webinar and learn:

  • What to consider when structuring a solution for a distributed system
  • Dividing processes into discrete tasks that can be easily retried
  • How to decouple business processes with the publish/subscribe pattern
  • Dealing with errors using automatic retries
  • Implementing long-running business processes as sagas

About David Boike

David Boike is a solution architect who wrote two editions of Learning NServiceBus before joining Particular Software. When not educating developers about the potential of NServiceBus, he can be found smoking a brisket, brewing a craft beer, or just trying to keep up with his two young children.

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