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NServiceBus under a new umbrella

I’m happy to say that NServiceBus has outgrown its own name.

Now much more than just a service bus, we’re introducing new tools for modeling distributed systems (integrated in Visual Studio), managing queues and messages, as well as for visualizing cross-endpoint message flows.

In short, the time has come to create an umbrella for everything else happening in this ecosystem. And, in case you didn’t know, it’s really hard to find a decent name these days that you can get a “.com” for.

In any case, allow me to introduce… Particular Software.

We’re particular about the software we use, and we think you are too.


What’s changed?

Not that much really. We’re still the same bunch of people building the same technology as before. Legally, it’s still the same corporate entity – we’re just doing business under a new brand. That’s all.


Why change then?

Because there’s so much more we want to do – so much more we want to be .

We don’t want people to view us as “just a service bus”. Our architectural philosophy is so much broader than that – we want to get into client-side composition frameworks on the front-end, to provide monitoring and management tooling, and to provide powerful business insights off of the audit stream.

And, most importantly, we want to do all that without getting in your way.


Take a look and tell us what you think:

The most developer-friendly service platform for .NET



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