NServiceBus 7

Cross-platform development and deployment
Hosting in Docker containers — .NET Core support

Develop on a Mac? No problem.
Deploy on Linux? Pick your favorite distro.
Harness the isolated deployment
capabilities of Docker containers
Benefit from Microsoft’s new open-source, multi-platform incarnation of .NET

Other highlights

Linux-ready transports

Choose from RabbitMQ, SQL Transport, Amazon SQS, Azure Service Bus, or Azure Storage Queues

Supports the .NET Framework

If you aren't moving to .NET Core, NServiceBus 7 works with the .NET Framework.

Compatible with old versions

Upgrade at your own pace - NServiceBus 7 endpoints can talk to older endpoints, and vice versa.

Linux-ready persistence

Use SQL Persistence on SQL Server/MySQL/Postgres, Azure Storage Tables, or RavenDB.

.NET Core templates for Docker-hosted solutions

Starting a new Docker-based project is as easy as: dotnet new nsbdockercontainer

Samples for .NET Core and the .NET Framework

Most samples work on both .NET Core and the .NET Framework.

Frequently asked questions

Where do I get it?

The most up-to-date version of NServiceBus can be downloaded from NuGet from within Visual Studio.

Do I have to switch to .NET Core?

No. NServiceBus 7 works with the .NET Framework on Windows, just as it always has. You only have to switch to .NET Core if you want to take advantage of the various cross-platform benefits and performance improvements it provides.

Now that NServiceBus 7 has been released, how long will NServiceBus 6 be supported?

According to our support policy, NServiceBus 6 will continue with mainstream support until May 29, 2020.

Where can I find more information on .NET Core?

Check out Microsoft's .NET Core Guide and "Getting Started" tutorials. We also recommend Adam Ralph's presentation What is .NET Standard? to get an introduction to the difference between .NET Core and .NET Standard and how everything is related.

How do I learn about NServiceBus?
What platforms are supported?

We support Windows and various Linux distributions for production workloads, and macOS for development purposes. See our supported platforms page for full details on supported versions and distributions.

What packages do not support .NET Core?

A few packages do not support .NET Core. These are listed in our documentation.

Can I use Visual Studio Code instead of Visual Studio?

Yes! Because NServiceBus 7 runs on .NET Core, you can develop NServiceBus solutions in Visual Studio Code. Check out our guide to debugging NServiceBus solutions in Visual Studio Code to see how to set up VS Code's launch.json and tasks.json for an NServiceBus project.

What about MSMQ?

The MSMQ transport has been moved outside the main NServiceBus package because MSMQ is not cross-platform capable. It is now available in the NServiceBus.Transport.Msmq package.