NServiceBus 6.0

NServiceBus 6.0

Build (Much) Better .NET Systems

The next major release of NServiceBus is here, featuring considerable performance improvements, top to bottom async support and an even cleaner API.

What's new in NServiceBus 6.0

Major Performance

Process twice as many messages on MSMQ plus get astonishing throughput gains in Azure and RabbitMQ using message batching, async, and other optimizations.

Cleaner API

Make fewer mistakes and achieve success more easily in message handlers and Sagas with a cleaner, more focused API.

More Reliable

Backed by our extensive suite of acceptance tests, end-to-end tests, performance tests, and wire-compatibility tests, NServiceBus is now more reliable than ever.

Async/Await Support

Make blocking threads on I/O operations a thing of the past with our top to bottom async support.

Cloud Consistency

Get on-premises level consistency guarantees in the cloud with atomic send + receive on Azure Service Bus.

More Scalable

Scale out MSMQ in a new way, without the distributor component.

More Discoverable Config

Free yourself from App.config with a code-focused configuration API.

How to upgrade NServiceBus 5.x handlers to 6.0


This list of resources will help you learn about NServiceBus 6.0 and related topics.

We will continue to update this list as we add additional content.

Read the upgrade guide

Learn everything you need to upgrade to NServiceBus 6.0 with our extensive documentation resources

Start a new project

We've updated the Step by Step guide to show how to start a new project with NServiceBus 6.0.

Talk to a Solution Architect

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