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The NServiceBus framework is the foundation of the Particular Service Platform for building distributed applications with .NET and messaging. It embodies years of accumulated experience and incorporates system design best practices to solve difficult problems for you, so that you can instead focus on the business issues unique to your project.

NServiceBus in a nutshell

  • Makes building complex distributed systems as simple as possible.
  • Provides code abstraction on top of messaging technologies.
  • Ready to code after installing the needed NServiceBus packages from NuGet.
  • Part of the Particular Service Platform, with out-of-the-box debugging and monitoring apps.
  • Fully supported in development and production by NServiceBus developers.
  • Free license and support until the system goes into production.

Benefits & features

Works with your preferred technologies

Out-of-the-box support for various technologies like RabbitMQ, SQL Server, Azure Service Bus, and Amazon SQS. Run with .NET on Windows, Linux, and macOS. On-prem or in the cloud. Serverless (AWS Lambda or Azure Functions) and Docker containers.

Code-centric, but with less code

Common messaging communication patterns like pub-sub or request-response are not as trivial to implement with bare-bones message brokers as you might think. NServiceBus already has this grunt work done for you so that you can focus more on solving business problems and less on reinventing the wheel.

Avoid technology lock-in

In an NServiceBus system, minimal configuration changes are required to change underlying technologies. Changing your message broker or cloud provider won't require an entire rewrite.

See the difference for...

With barebones code


With NServiceBus


Avoid data loss

Avoid data loss and inconsistencies in your system. For example, NServiceBus keeps messages safe when a 3rd-party integration is misbehaving and will store and automatically retry those messages whenever it makes sense.

Always consistent

It doesn’t matter how many endpoints, third-party integrations, or different technologies your system uses - NServiceBus guarantees that you will never end up with duplicate messages, ghost messages, or zombie records in your database.

Long-running process management

Use sagas to manage complex interactions over time without having to leave your code editor. Use your existing storage technology without the need for a dedicated black-box business process store.

On-premises and/or cloud

It’s not just that we support applications running on-premises or in the cloud — we also make it easy for you to combine both. The NServiceBus messaging bridge enables you to connect different message brokers or hosting environments. That also means there’s no need to deal with messy lift-and-shifts or shutting down your application when performing a migration.

World-class support, backwards compatibility

Spend less time fighting bugs and doing infrastructure maintenance. Get stellar, timely support directly from NServiceBus developers. Major versions are supported for four years after the release of the next major version. There’s always backward compatibility to make endpoint upgrades seamless.

Out-of-the-box debugging and monitoring tools

Just configure a connection string and you’re ready to use ServiceInsight and ServicePulse for advanced debugging and monitoring. If additional capabilities or extensibility are needed, there’s also support for OpenTelemetry built in.

Particular and the Particular Service Platform will continue to be our trusted partner. NServiceBus guides us to a ‘pit of success’ implementation, and the support has been incredibly helpful when we have needed it the most.

Adam Jones, Chief Technology Officer

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