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Frequently asked questions

Install ServiceControl Monitoring and update to the newest version of ServicePulse. For each endpoint you want to monitor, install the NServiceBus.Metrics.Monitoring NuGet package and configure it with ServiceControl Monitoring queue. You might want to use the setup guide which explains all the details.

You will require an Advanced, Enterprise, or Ultimate license to install all these components. Contact us for a Trial license.

The monitoring tools are available with an Advanced, Enterprise, or Ultimate license. If you have a Standard license and would like to try the monitoring tools, contact us to get a free trial license.

No, the Trial license is required only on the machine running ServiceControl. We recommend installing ServiceControl in isolation on a separate machine. When the Trial license expires it won't affect your running configuration.

See our list of metrics definitions.

Endpoints to be monitored have to be running on NServiceBus version 5 or higher.

No. ServicePulse is still your go to place for monitoring information. Real-time monitoring provides you with new ServicePulse views.