With NServiceBus, queues are just the beginning

You've already used message queues, so you've seen first-hand how asynchronous messaging and Publish/Subscribe design patterns help create scalable, maintainable software systems.

NServiceBus makes building these systems faster and easier. You get all the benefits offered by low-level message queue technology, plus:

Production monitoring with SP ServicePulse

Smarter poison message handling

Stop digging through log files for stack traces and retrying one message at a time. Poison messages are grouped by their exception details and can be retried as a group as well.

Visualization & monitoring tools

See how messages flow through your system with sequence and flow diagrams at runtime. Traditional system documentation is (almost) never up-to-date, but visualizations generated from runtime data don't lie. Even better, define alerts to notify you whenever message handlers fail to process, aren't processing fast enough, or can't function because of problems with an external dependency.

Advanced debugging with SI ServiceInsight

Help when you need it

Between our open-source and versioned product documentation, nearly 200 samples, tutorials, community discussion group, and hands-on support and advice from our own solution architects, you're sure to find the help you need to ensure your project is a success.

“We were advocates for NServiceBus on the project and ran into a crunch with something unrelated. You stepped in and had our back; it was huge.”
“The quality of support before we even became a client is very noticeable.
It's a unique selling point. Thanks for that!”
“If we do find any issues I’m confident in Particular’s support, especially given that this issue was resolved with a new version in a week.”
“It's amazing how easy it is to send messages with NServiceBus. In the past we spent most of our time battling with WCF, BizTalk, and SOAP. Now we spend our time writing features. And NServiceBus is so much more robust. That's very cool!”

Focus on what matters, we'll handle the rest

At Particular Software we provide all that and more. There's no need to update, maintain, and document your own message queue wrapper. Embrace proven infrastructure where reliability, scalability, visualization, and monitoring are all problems that are solved for you already. Once you experience running an NServiceBus endpoint in production, you'll wonder how you ever managed before.

Experience what NServiceBus can do

See how NServiceBus makes using message queues even better