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With NServiceBus, queues are just the beginning

If you've ever used message queues,1 you've seen first-hand how asynchronous messaging and Publish/Subscribe design patterns help create scalable, maintainable software systems.

NServiceBus makes building systems using message queues faster and easier. You get all the benefits offered by low-level message queue technology, plus:

Smarter poison message handling

Stop digging through log files for stack traces and retrying one message at a time. Poison messages are grouped by their exception details and can be retried as a group as well.

Production monitoring with ServicePulse

Visualization & monitoring tools

See how messages flow through your system with sequence and flow diagrams at runtime. Traditional system documentation is (almost) never up-to-date, but visualizations generated from runtime data don't lie. Even better, define alerts to notify you whenever message handlers fail to process, aren't processing fast enough, or can't function because of problems with an external dependency.

Advanced debugging with ServiceInsight

Help when you need it

Between our open-source and versioned product documentation, nearly 200 samples, tutorials, community discussion group, and hands-on support and advice from our own solution architects, you're sure to find the help you need to ensure your project is a success.

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  1. Never used message queues before? Are you sure? If you've ever run a nightly batch job to update entity statuses, send notification emails, or generate reports, then you're already (ab)using your database as a kind of queue. Find out why it's better to use message queues in distributed systems.