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Live webinar

Change your architecture during deployment

“Every microservice needs to be independently deployable.”
Let’s verify if this is true and if we can bend or break the rules during deployment.

🔗Why attend?

Many systems start with diagrams of boxes and arrows and the promise of high consistency and low coupling. The boxes are supposed to be loosely coupled components, but each arrow often results in a highly coupled dependency at runtime. What if we can do something about it… during deployment?

In this webinar, we’ll identify design decisions that influence your system’s behavior both at design-time and run-time. We’ll observe how changing your design during deployment gives you many opportunities for making trade-offs to improve function and performance and gives you the information you need to shape your system architecture.

🔗In this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • Various architectural views
  • Composing a user interface with data from multiple services
  • How there are no solutions; only trade-offs
  • Data ownership of services

About Dennis van der Stelt

Dennis is a Software Architect who loves building distributed systems and the challenges they bring. To always be better than the day before, he continuously searches for new ways to improve his knowledge on architecture and software development. He shares what he learns in numerous articles, presentations, and blog posts.