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Live webinar

Distributed domain-driven design, a no-nonsense implementation guide

See how modern patterns can make distributed systems more robust, scalable, and genuinely fun to build.

🔗A brave new world

Countless software engineers have struggled while trying to implement distributed systems inspired by domain-driven design since the Blue Book was published almost 20 years ago. During that time, patterns and whole architectural styles were discovered, tested and (sometimes) forgotten. Join domain-driven design enthusiast and distributed system expert Szymon Pobiega in the journey to explore the most recent approaches to distributed domain-driven design.

🔗In this webinar, Szymon will show:

  • The difference between architectural style and architectural pattern.
  • Modern and battle-tested approaches to implementing domain-driven design systems in a distributed manner.
  • The importance of not losing nor duplicating signals.
  • A novel way of establishing reliable end-to-end communication channels within a distributed system and beyond.

About Szymon Pobiega

Szymon works as an engineer at Particular Software. His main areas of expertise are domain-driven design and asynchronous messaging. He is interested in the intersection of these two topics, i.e., in patterns and tools for ensuring exactly once and in-order message processing. Szymon is a co-author of the Exactly Once blog.