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Domain-Driven Design patterns for a distributed system

The patterns of Domain-Driven Design were originally introduced when line-of-business systems were still predominantly monolithic. That is not the case anymore. Modern-day designs are not only distributed but also require a wide array of data stores - each specialized in storing different types of data.

A brave new world

New patterns have emerged to help developers deal with these new headaches. DDD expert Szymon Pobiega tells the story of how a group of unconventional software architects discovered the new patterns and used them to overcome the challenges of scaling an online store, designing robust long-running business processes, and developing their system at scale by multiple teams in multiple locations.

In this webinar Szymon will show:

  • How to take advantage of synchronous and asynchronous message processing
  • How to build extendable, robust and asynchronous distributed business process
  • How to deal with duplicated messages when using databases with different transaction semantics
  • What to do when your system grows too big to be handled by a single development team

Equipped with this knowledge, you’ll be able to combine these design patterns to architect your next distributed system to be robust or to refactor your existing system towards greater reliability.

About Szymon Pobiega

Szymon works as an engineer at Particular Software. His main areas of expertise are Domain-Driven Design and asynchronous messaging. He is interested in the intersection of these two topics, i.e., in patterns and tools for ensuring exactly once and in-order message processing. Szymon is a co-author of

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