Making workflow implementation easy with CQRS

Andrea Saltarello shows how to evolve systems architecture leveraging CQRS principles and NServiceBus Sagas.


When speaking about CQRS, most developers focus on topics such as scalability, ad hoc read models, and event sourcing. While those topics are important, Andrea says we're missing out on a potentially pivotal piece of the puzzle: workflow management .

During the webinar you'll learn:

  • Why workflows are needed
  • What CQRS is all about
  • How Sagas work
  • How to use Sagas as a workflow modeling tool
  • How DDD and CQRS fit together

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About the presenters

  • Andrea Saltarello


    Andrea is CEO and founder of Managed Designs, a solution architect, trainer, speaker and user group leader.

  • Mauro Servienti


    Mauro is a solution architect at Particular Software, Microsoft MVP for Visual C#; nuts about DDD, CQRS, Event Sourcing.