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Webinar recording

Powering front-end apps with NServiceBus

Mauro Servienti and Sean Farmar show how to use messaging architecture and unique features in NServiceBus to power a web application with real-time request-response and publish-subscribe messaging.

🔗Watch the on-demand webinar a learn how to:

  • Broadcast ‘push’ notifications to many clients
  • Send response notifications to specific clients
  • Handle front end scale-out requirements with little effort
  • Design/use a backplane to cover more complex scenarios
  • Connect NServiceBus with .NET SignalR

About Sean Farmar

Sean Farmar holds the world record for answering the most NServiceBus questions–even more than Udi. With over 20 years of experience, he specializes in providing simple solutions for complex business requirements using NServiceBus and applying SOA principles inspired by Udi Dahan. As a solution architect with Particular Software, Sean provides support, training, and consulting for customers using NServiceBus and the Particular Service Platform.

About Mauro Servienti

Mauro is a solution architect at Particular Software, Microsoft MVP for Visual C#; nuts about DDD, CQRS, Event Sourcing.

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