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Batch Dispatch #1

Welcome back. Over the last few months, the Particular Slack channels have been awash with interesting links, thoughts, and blog posts. Here are the ones that bubbled to the surface.

πŸ”—Building in resilience

In the first post in a series on refactoring towards resilience, Jimmy Bogard looks at an existing application and challenges us to think about how it should deal with failures.

πŸ”—Long-running tasks, transaction timeouts, and messaging

Processing long-running jobs in a manner that provides meaningful user feedback is a challenging task. Mauro Servienti explains how to handle a long-running OCR process using a messaging architecture and SignalR.

πŸ”—The end of Enterprise IT

Organizational structures are a common discussion point here at Particular Software. Mary Poppendieck explains how ING Netherlands transformed their structure to be flatter and more agile.

πŸ”—Words matter

Creating software is an act that encompasses much more than just writing code. Weronika Łabaj points out that code just might be the easiest part of our jobs.

πŸ”—People play a big part

While having lunch one day, David Boike had an interaction that led to some interesting thoughts about the business bits that surround an app.

πŸ”—There are limits

We set limits all the time: Speed limits, work-in-progress (WIP) limits, circuit breaker thresholds, etc. Tyler Treat talks about explicitly declaring limits in your software and why that is especially important in distributed systems.

πŸ”—Commute optional

Have you ever wondered what a remote workday at Particular looks like? Donald Belcham walks you through what his day is like, the tools he uses, and the problems he faces.

πŸ”—Think of the children!

The engineers at Particular Software have talked about teaching our offspring to program on numerous occasions. We revisited the topic when someone pointed out this game-based approach. Honestly, it was for the kids…we swear.

πŸ”—Async always surprises

Just when you think you’ve learned everything there is to know about async/await in .NET, something will jump out and surprise you. Szymon Kulec had this happen to him, and he reflects on how he missed it.

πŸ”—Events in your system

Outside of UI interactions, many developers struggle with using events in their code. Cesar de la Torre takes a look at domain and integration events and how they relate to Domain Driven Design and microservices.

πŸ”—You want us to pay how much?

Software pricing is a dark art. The folks at Reify talk about some of the things that they consider to be contributors to the final price tag that you see.

πŸ”—See a need, fill a need

Most OSS projects are started because people can’t find a solution to a problem. Hadi Eskandari created this one to provide better support for Farsi in WinForms and WPF software.

πŸ”—Building a foundation

Confused about what a service bus really is? Let Dennis van der Stelt give you a primer of the fundamentals of a service bus architecture.

β€” The team, in Particular

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