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Microsoft Recommends NServiceBus in its .NET Technology Guide for Business Applications

Microsoft recently released its recommendations for building systems on its technology.

For a not-so-short summary, see InfoQ’s article here:

From the Guidance for Large, Mission Critical Business Applications we find the following:

When using integration events and asynchronous communication between bounded contexts, it doesn’t necessarily mean a SOA or using a service bus. This communication could also be based on any type of event-bus that can be implemented using different infrastructure technologies. Possibilities for an event-bus implementation include a simple in-memory bus, an inter-process communication event bus using named-pipes (within the same server, if that is enough for our objectives or for Proof of Concept purposes), message queues like MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queuing), or going for a full service bus like Windows Server Service Bus or Azure Service Bus (or a third party service bus, like NServiceBus) for production systems.

That's right – we’re the only 3rd party service bus mentioned. :)

In short, Microsoft continues to promote us.


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