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No Dogma Podcast with Adam Ralph

I’d like to share some highlights from a recent chat I had with Bryan Hogan on his No Dogma Podcast.

We kicked off with NServiceBus and how it helps building distributed systems and microservices. We talked about the general challenges such as coupling, communication, and fault tolerance. We also investigated some of the patterns that help, such as events, retries, and long running processes. We wrapped up with the importance of system monitoring, and what’s next for NServiceBus.

If you don’t have time to listen to all 48 minutes, here are some timestamps to help you home in on the bits you’re most interested in:

  • 05:35 - How do you make sure messages are not lost?
  • 07:01 - Why do you need queues?
  • 10:52 - How did NServiceBus get its start?
  • 12:47 - What are the main benefits of NServiceBus?
    • 13:01 - Abstraction of underlying queuing system details
    • 14:22 - Deduplication & Outbox, turning at-least-once delivery into only-once processing
    • 15:30 - The Particular Software Platform tools for auditing, visualization, and monitoring
    • 16:48 - Publish/Subscribe
    • 17:51 - Long-running business processes (Sagas)
  • 26:20 - How does NServiceBus help us build loosely coupled systems?
  • 37:19 - How can I easily start using NServiceBus?
  • 40:37 - How do I monitor a distributed system like this?
  • 42:30 - Info on NServiceBus support for .NET Core, including containers

Happy listening!

P.S. There are plenty of chances to meet Particular Software folks throughout the year. Visit our events page for details.

About the author: Adam Ralph is a software developer at Particular Software. He gets his best ideas for conference talks while hiking up a mountain with a snowboard on his back.

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