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Async/Await Series Part 2: Task Parallel Library and Message Pumps

Daniel Marbach shows how to combine Async/Await and Task Parallel Library to create a message pump for a service bus.

🔗In this talk, learn how to:

  • Deal with non-true asynchronous code paths
  • Avoid unpleasant surprises when combining Async/Await with the Task Parallel Library
  • Achieve “graceful” shutdowns by applying cancellation to asynchronous operations
  • Achieve throttling with your concurrent operations without needless blocking

The 3-part series explores Async/Await best practices, Task Parallel Library and Message Pumps, how the NServiceBus V6 API update helps to avoid common Async/Await pitfalls and makes your code ready for asynchronovvvus APIs in the cloud.

About Daniel Marbach

Daniel Marbach is a Microsoft MVP for systems integration and a Solution Architect at Particular Software.

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