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The end of the legacy Azure Service Bus transport

A while back, we introduced a brand new transport for use with Azure Service Bus. This transport was a necessary step in our Azure offering to allow users to target .NET Standard and .NET Core. It also used the new Microsoft.Azure.ServiceBus client rather than the older, deprecated client.

More importantly, it started the process of deprecating the now-legacy Azure Service Bus transport. At the time, we didn’t have details about how we would do that; now we do.

The legacy Azure Service Bus will be deprecated as of May 1, 2021.

🔗What does that mean?

After May 1, 2021, the legacy transport will no longer be supported and won’t receive updates, patches, or fixes. Until that date, it will receive only critical updates and bug fixes, just as it has over the last eighteen months.

If you’re still on the legacy Azure Service Bus transport, we have an upgrade guide to help you migrate. You have just shy of a year to do so but we strongly recommend you don’t wait until the last minute. Of course, if you run into problems, our support is just a click away.

🔗Why are we deprecating the legacy transport?

The legacy transport was built against the WindowsAzure.ServiceBus client, which is old, not actively developed and all but abandoned. Microsoft has stopped short of saying this client is not officially supported, but the fact that it doesn’t (and will never) support .NET Core speaks volumes about its future.


We know upgrading a transport is never high on someone’s to-do list but the countdown has started on the legacy Azure Service Bus transport.

If you haven’t migrated to the new transport yet, we encourage you to do so soon. When you do, we’ve got you covered with both a migration guide and full support for the new transport.

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About the author

Kyle Baley

Kyle is a solution architect at Particular Software and hopes his own eventual retirement goes as smoothly as the one for the legacy Azure Service Bus transport is going.

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