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NSBCon 2015: All about Transports

Knowing which NServiceBus transport is best for your application is not easy. There are many factors involved in selecting a message transport; distributed transactions, legacy integration, cross-platform capabilities, and cloud deployments are a few that might be considered.

At NSBCon 2015 Andreas Öhlund outlines the different transports that are available for NServiceBus. He covers the highlights and lowlights of each. Rather than telling you which transport is the right one, Andreas provides you with the tools to make that decision yourself, within the context of your project.

If you’re considering which transport to use on a new project or wondering if the transport you have chosen will continue to work for you, then watch Andreas’s talk here:

Andreas Öhlund is a software engineer at Particular Software, the makers of NServiceBus. When not coding, he enjoys wandering randomly through furniture stores eating meatballs.

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