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NSBCon 2015: Integration Patterns with NServiceBus

This post is part of the NServiceBus Learning Path.

Dealing with legacy systems is difficult. Complete rewrites take time. Components and functionality need to be migrated in stages while the remainder of the application stays operational. There’s also the issue of integrating with third party systems and the impact that these can have on any system you’re trying to improve.

Jimmy Bogard deals with these types of legacy system problems on a daily basis. Most of his work is rescuing rewrite projects, some of which are the second or even third attempt to get rid of a legacy system. At NSBCon 2015, he talks about various integration patterns he uses in his projects and explains how NServiceBus helped him solve a few typical challenges.

If you’re trying to deal with slow batch jobs, maintaining data synchronization between the old and new systems, or a number of other scenarios, watch Jimmy’s talk here:

Jimmy Bogard is the chief technical architect at Headspring, an Austin-based consulting company.

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