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NSBCon 2015: Top Mistakes Using NServiceBus

One of the great things about NServiceBus is that it is so flexible. But with that flexibility comes the opportunity to shoot yourself in the foot. How, you ask? At NSBCon 2015, Kijana Woodard shares the top mistakes (14 in all) that, in his opinion, developers routinely make when using NServiceBus.

From row-based database operations instead of set-based ones to using callbacks as a permanent solution, Kijana covers a myriad of different issues that are inadvertently, or possibly intentionally, introduced to many NServiceBus projects. Watch Kijana’s NSBCon 2015 presentation and learn how to avoid the pitfalls that many developers make.

Kijana Woodard is an independent consultant based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He is an NServiceBus champion and longtime proponent of messaging-based architecture. He’s made roughly half the mistakes in his talk himself and is only a little ashamed to admit it.

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