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NSBCon 2015: Opening Keynote

Udi Dahan opens NSBCon 2015 by summarizing the current state of the NServiceBus ecosystem. He outlines the foundation of our practices over the last year by comparing Particular Software to a duck on water: it looks calm on the surface, but below the waterline, it's paddling like hell.

This ethos of continually working to stay ahead of the issues that NServiceBus users encounter sets the stage for a discussion on the current and future state of the platform. Udi explains the retirement of ServiceMatrix, new features in ServiceInsight, and the future of NServiceBus with the coming release of v6.

If you want to know more about the direction of the Particular Service Platform, watch Udi's keynote here:

Udi Dahan is the founder and CEO of Particular Software and the creator of NServiceBus.

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