Company background

Led by SOA visionary, Udi Dahan, Particular Software’s goal is simply to make developers better. We design, sell, and support software used in architectural design by systems architects, developers and operations teams worldwide.

Particular Software’s clients span all industries and range from the smallest startups to Global 2000 companies. The company was founded in 2010, under the name NServiceBus, the backbone product of the company. The company began operating under the name Particular Software in 2013 to reflect the expansion of its product line into a broader platform.

The company is growing quickly, but thoughtfully, in both revenue and staff. Currently, we have between 30 to 50 staff members worldwide. One of our most distinctive features is that, just like our software, we’re fully distributed. This means that there is no central office. We all work from home (and coffee shops and essentially everywhere we can find a reliable wifi signal). We are spread across 12 countries, covering multiple timezones, conducting our work when it’s the most suitable for us.

This unusual, dispersed organization has its challenges, but many rewards, including hiring the best people in the world, and creating an extremely productive culture. (Or, did the productive culture allow us to create an unusual organization??)

“The amount of controlled growth I’ve witnessed in my 18 months with Particular is phenomenal! It’s very exciting to be a part of creating this organization. I’m proud of what we are building here, and inspired by the challenges ahead of us.”

Karen - Israel - Operations Team