Recruiting, onboarding & training

We’ll let you know where you are along the way and won’t leave you hanging! Like everything else about Particular, the hiring process is transparent. There are four steps to the interviewing process, and a determination is made at each stage by the interview team about who progresses to the next level:

  • Human Resources video interview
  • Team Interview via video call with two company representatives
  • Pair Coding Session with one engineer from the company (for engineers)
  • Meeting with Udi Dahan
  • From this point, we’ll make a quick decision if you’re a good fit or not.

With your approval, all interviews are recorded so we can easily update other members of the interviewing team. This also helps us continuously improve and train others.

Training and onboarding

From the time we have a signed contract, we begin planning for your “virtual” arrival. Every new staff member has an onboarding buddy who will insure your systems access is set up, arrange orientation meetings on your calendar, and select tasks so you can make an impact from your first week. Each plan is individualized, depending on your role in the organization and level of experience.

Particular staff policies

We believe working in the Particular culture offers inherent benefits such as flexible hours, working from home, working with super-smart, super-helpful people, and the ability to influence the organizational structure, but we also have more traditional ones - with a Particular twist. For example:

  • Free Time Off - take as much vacation, holiday and sick time as you want and need
  • “Comfort Cash” - an allocation per quarter to cover anything you’d like to make your workspace more comfortable, your time efficient, or your work more fun.
  • Education - We know that to stay on top of your game, you need to constantly develop skills, learn what’s going on in the marketplace, and network with the best people in the industry. This benefits the company, you personally, and professionally. We believe in this so much that our policy is to encourage and help staff members finding ways to continually improve.
  • Hardware Policy - We deliver the best communication platform in the world, and we want you to have tools that match that quality! Consistent with our culture, we trust that you will buy what you need, when you need it.

"The first few days proved that working for Particular exceeded my expectations by an order of magnitude. Andreas was my onboarding buddy, looking after me and making sure I was not stuck by anything. I was able to commit my first code in the very first day of work. I got my own piece of functionality to work on and I was trusted to design and implement it properly."

Szymon - Poland - Software Engineering