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Mission and values


Our mission is simply stated, but harder to achieve: “To make organizations better at building, maintaining, and running complex software systems”. Even as we pursue this mission, we make sure not to lose sight of our core values:

I am responsible:

  • I remind others of these values, giving both positive and constructive feedback where possible
  • I engage meaningfully and professionally, raising awareness of problems and opportunities (if I see something, I say something)
  • I set and change priorities as the situation demands
  • I am able and committed to taking tasks to completion, yet I know when to ask for help
  • I willingly take my share of the less fun/glamorous work
  • I openly provide timely status of my work to raise awareness

I am motivated:

  • I actively collaborate with others towards achieving our mission, even at the cost of losing some personal productivity
  • I learn and try new things, even outside my specialty
  • I improve myself and help others improve, by providing, accepting, and soliciting feedback
  • I support my colleagues by reminding them of our strengths and by celebrating contributions

I am mature:

  • I am respectful to everyone
  • I do not react in the moment. I validate that I have understood what was said, suspend judgment, examine my expectations, remember my biases, give the benefit of the doubt, and assume that everyone (customers, co-workers, and partners) has the best intentions with their actions.
  • I acknowledge harm caused, even if it was unintentional, opening a dialogue to rectify the situation, taking steps to avoid recurrence, and apologizing for any mistakes made
  • I communicate thoughts and feelings articulately, honestly, and timely, both online and offline, validating that others have understood things as I intended, especially when I disagree or don't understand something
  • I approach change with an open attitude of learning and patience

Our structure

Several years ago, we moved to a new and very different type of organizational structure. We feel this structure helps us to avoid silos, facilitates working across time zones, and better supports our mission and values.

Working as an engineer at Particular Software is an exciting and stimulating journey. I enjoy being able to tackle challenging problems and having an influence on pretty much any part of the organization. Particular Software is an amazing group of individuals, dedicated to continuous learning, always focusing on the impact we make. I feel lucky to be part of that.

Tomasz - Poland - Software engineer