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  • Evolving NServiceBus persistence

    While we've been working hard on supporting .NET Core lately, you may have noticed that we also released a brand new (and dare we say better?) persistence library for NServiceBus called SQL Persistence. The new persister supports multiple database engines and uses raw ADO.NET and native SQL queries, without the need for an intermediate ORM. We dreamed up some powerful new features that would take NServiceBus persistence to the next level. Up until now, our primary method of persisting data in relational databases used NHibernate, which was making it impossible to realize those dreams. We decided it was time for NServiceBus to make an evolutionary leap forward in its persistence capability.

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  • Minivans and marathons

    I read the script and performed my lines well. College, good jobs with increasing responsibility in corporate America, marriage and kids. When suburbia beckoned, it wasn't too hard to swap my briefcase for the diaper bag. At least for some period of time, home was a lot more interesting than my work experience had been. Children have a charming way, though, of exposing the insecurities we don't even know we have. My revelation came during the first opportunity to meet our five-year-old's teachers.

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  • The challenges of monitoring a distributed system

    I remember the first time I deployed a system into production. We built a custom content management website backed by a single SQL Server database. It was a typical two-tier application with a web application and a database. Once the system was deployed, I wanted to see if everything was working properly, so I ran through a simple checklist

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  • Asynchronously unload the dishwasher

    In a previous blog post, I discussed a very complex and intricate process: how my family unloads our dishwasher using a chain of responsibility. We examined a happy-path scenario in which each person hands a dish to the next. Every step takes the same amount of time, and the process hums along like clockwork. You can almost hear us singing “Whistle While You Work” while we gleefully put away dishes.

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  • Putting your events on a diet

    Time for a diet

    Anybody can write code that will work for a few weeks or months, but what happens when that code is no longer your daily focus and the cobwebs of time start to sneak in? What if it's someone else's code? How do you add new features when you need to relearn the entire codebase each time? How can you be sure that making a small change in one corner won't break something elsewhere? Complexity and coupling in your code can suck you into a slow death spiral toward the eventual Major Rewrite. You can attempt to avoid this bitter fate by using architectural patterns like event-driven architecture. When you build a system of discrete services that communicate via events, you limit the complexity of each service by reducing coupling. Each service can be maintained without having to touch all the other services for every change in business requirements.

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  • NServiceBus on .NET Core - It's time

    During Build 2017, Microsoft released .NET Core 2.0 Preview 1. While we previously determined it was too early to seriously consider adopting .NET Core, with this release we now believe that the current platform can support a comprehensive, reliable, and production-ready version of NServiceBus. As a result, we are happy to say NServiceBus 7 will support .NET Core 2.0 running on any of the supported platforms.

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  • Azure Storage Persistence now faster in NServiceBus 6

    If you're using Azure Storage Persistence and haven't upgraded to NServiceBus 6 yet, get ready for a tremendous performance boost for your application when you do---especially if you make use of sagas.

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  • Batch Dispatch #1

    Welcome back. Over the last few months, the Particular Slack channels have been awash with interesting links, thoughts, and blog posts. Here are the ones that bubbled to the surface.

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  • The new and improved NServiceBus testing framework

    Crossroads: Success or Failure
    Crossroads: Success or Failure by ccPixs.comCC BY 3.0

    Tests are the life blood of many large codebases. They protect you from introducing bugs and in some cases, are instrumental in your code's design. Because of this, maintaining those tests is every bit as crucial as the underlying code that it tests. Like the rest of the project, your tests should be clear, concise, and consistent with your code style. Otherwise, tests might fall into disrepair and end up in a large bucket called technical debt, never to be heard from again.

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